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Nick Winfield

I was from birth, destined to be involved in the world of the oboe. My father, Michael was at the time in the Halle orchestra, so I grew up to the sound of an oboe, I took it up at the age of 11, my father teaching me both the oboe and reed making, meanwhile making some extra pocket money gouging and shaping cane for my father.

During my third year at the Royal College of Music I joined the Royal Liverpool Philarmonic as second oboe, moving down to London after four years to freelance, where I started my reed business. After a very happy seven years I then moved to Cardiff.

I was appointed as principal cor anglais in the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. Alongside my playing commitments my reed making business grew and grew, until in 1997 I had a decision to make - playing or reeds? The reeds won! Bamboo poisoning I guess! Some people think I'm crazy, but I love it.

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With some 600 customers world-wide including many professional players, shops, education authorities & private customers I reed make 24/7 - and no, I'm not mad quite yet! I take great pride in my reeds and cane and I hope you find my site informative. Please do get in touch with me if you have any queries.

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Nick Winfield
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